The Panholzers of Austria Through the Internet I have found about 350 phone entries for Panholzers living in Austria. That number can certainly easily be doubled to arrive at an estimate of all Panholzers living in households in Austria. Quite a number of them are in academic professions and turn up on the Internet as university staff or authors of academic publications. I found two Panholzers as inventors at the Index of the US. Patent Office.

To care for our souls there are several Panholzers who are priests, one of them important enough to serve as subject for an authoritative biography. To care for our earthly well-being there are at least two inns (Gasthof): The Panholzer Gasthof "Zur 100-jährigen Linde" in Kleinraming near Steyr, Upper Austria, and the Panholzerhof in Kaltern an der Weinstrasse in South Tyrol (today part of Italy), the latter being a Buschenschank (or Heurigen) where you can bring your own picnic and taste the wine grower's own wine. Both of these could serve as ideal location for gatherings of the future Panholzer Club (?!?) (shouldn't the Ban(n)holzers be accepted as well?).

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