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Portable Liquid Alpha

Liquidity: Investible indices are portable liquid alpha: index components are notionally funded. Deutsche Bank posts margin, extending the unfunded benefits to index counterparties. Liquidity is DAILY.

Transparency: IRONSTONE is not a fund, but an index, held passively - similar to bying and holding an S&P500 Index futures contract - combining the performance stream of its components. Deutsche Bank takes on the liquidity risk, holds the collateral, and offers a maximum loss limit.
Investible Index Research

Research Basis: An increasing daily database of over 300 managers on the db Select platform starting in 2004, resulting in funded applications.

Low Cost and Flexibility: Managers Deutsche Bank's dbSelect platform comprise Managed Futures, Global Macro, Fixed Income and Currencies, and typically agree to a reduced fee structure. Index recompositions arise unbiased, algorithmically, at any time, anonymously and with total flexibility, at the underlying managers' current NAV values, without bid/ask cost.
IRONSTONE Investible Index

30 years of researching investment manager indices, 14 years of collaboration with Deutsche Bank and 6 years of funded index construction provide the background for DynexCorp's finely tuned, algorithmic index composition mechanisms.

In 2006, DynexCorp posted its first index on the Deutsche Bank DBIQ website and on Bloomberg. Dynamic Currency Alpha was funded in 2008 and Dynex Ironstone Algo in 2014. Dynex Ironstone Algo PLUS Investible Index relies an improved algorithm.

IRONSTONE - PLUS - Investible Index

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IRONSTONE Investible Index

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